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Surprise! Meal Prep Is Good for Your Wallet!

Meal prep can be a chore! Yes. I know.  However, for those on a mission of improved health, meal prepping is mandatory at some level.

The one surprise I was happy to stumble on, is – it offers great benefits to my financial bottom line.I thought I was just one smart cookie till I saw a post from a friend that made me realize I was not the only one with this Aha!  I figured it was time to raise the general awareness to this secret.


Meal Prep Saves Money

So my friend Alex works in a downtown highrise and eating out is the general way most professionals grab meals there.  However, meals in that district are expensive and while that may not be a problem for the wallets of the lawyers and executives, it would be for the financially savvy entrepreneur with a health focus.

You see, Alex has not just done the math on the money he saved by not buying meals on the go, he has also calculated for the time he got back not having to go out to get it.  Top that off with his confidence in the quality of what he is putting in his body and he has a win on many levels.

Meal prepping starts with meal planning and that allows for purchasing strategically, rather than going through the smorgasbord and coming up with whatever is available.  For me, I found this limited food wastage (a huge money saver), bulk purchasing (another money saver), and coupon using (rare for me, but planning allows for this).

My Meal Prep Container System

The container system I use in my meal planning also ensures I control my food portions without the need for frustrating calorie counting.

Here is the system I use:

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Beachbody Food Containers


I plan it all out on a spreadsheet and post it on my fridge and check it off as I go.  There is also a Mobile App tracker option as well.

See this in action here:

This is a simple, easy, and effective zero calorie counting system for anyone ready to take control of their nutrition.  Is that you?

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Grab your own container system HERE.


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