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Negative Coping Strategies? 5 Positive Replacement Options

Coping strategies for stressful situations can make the difference between profitable outcomes, or a deterioration of a situation.

The Christian income earner would be wise to become aware of their own ‘go to’ strategies because these are things we do subconsciously.  Awareness is the first step to correcting anything that does not serve us or move us closer to our goal.

According to Folkman and Lazarus,

“Coping strategies refer to the specific efforts, both behavioral and psychological, that people employ to master, tolerate, reduce, or minimize stressful events. Two general coping strategies have been distinguished: problem-solving strategies are efforts to do something active to alleviate stressful circumstances, whereas emotion-focused coping strategies involve efforts to regulate the emotional consequences of stressful or potentially stressful events. Research indicates that people use both types of strategies to combat most stressful events (Folkman & Lazarus, 1980).”

Overeating, smoking, fighting, drinking, or running away are 5 band-aid strategies that many use when things don’t go their way.  Humans come up with coping mechanisms to get through difficult times but for too many of us, the strategies we use ultimately make our bad situations worse.

I discovered my ‘go to’ was mindless and continuous eating. During the recession of 2006-2010, I went from a very fit, fitness instructor to an overweight whale.


This is how I looked, POST-RECESSION:

overeating, coping,

Mindless, constant eating was my coping strategy for the other problems in my life I convinced myself I could not fix.

It seems all the financial losses of this period were balanced with the fat gains on my body. This was NOT an enhancement to my condition at any level.  I looked in the mirror and did not recognize myself.  Fading to a blonder look did not help me feel any better either.  In my experience, this blond was not having any fun!

During this time, I turned to God for answers, many of which I recorded in my book,

Joel 2:25 “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten”.

7 years later, our lifestyle is as good or better than it was pre-recession on much less money.  I changed.  I learned not to waste, I learned how to shop on priority, I learned how to create a working spending plan and more.  The Lord RESTORED what the locust took away as I learned to be a better steward (manager) of what He put under my control.

As my use of time, treasure and talent improved, I was challenged to improve my TEMPLE, the residence of the Holy Spirit in me.

It is as if I had failed at the most basic level.  I was a bad housekeeper.  My body which houses my life-spirit was in horrible condition!  I had junked it up as a DISTRACTION to the other problems in my life.  It worked.  There are undeniable cause and effects.  Eating myself into poorer health triggered negative health issues.  It turns out, having health problems are a GREAT distraction, was an easier problem to share and that others would forgive, empathize with, and give me permission to function at a lower level.

I wanted permission to abandon any responsibility for my condition and I had found it!  All the activity that led to me being overweight and remaining so, coupled with the poor health it ushered in were fantastic distractions to the other failings in my life; the problems I felt hopeless to fix.

As I took better care of my body, my body started to reward me.  All of a sudden, I had more energy, more confidence, I felt sexier and my fun time with my hubby was so much sweeter. All these translated into clearer thinking, bigger vision, hope, joy, and a sense that my future was much, much brighter.

Guess what?  Those big problems seem to shrink in the face of my BIGGER personality and personal power.

I cannot help but endorse the value of Temple care on output, performance, and PROFIT!

All the top leaders I have studied or followed have a personal discipline of fitness.  Some are public about it and include mention of it in their training, others you get a glimpse of that fact through other methods such as body-baring pics where 6-pack abs are flashed, or fashion shots with to die for shoulders are exposed.

When we take care of our body it pays back 30. 60. 100 times more than we put in.  I guarantee it!

take action, CTA,

Consider these 5 replacements to negative coping strategies

If you are ready for your Temple, self-loving care journey with a Coach is running the same journey and has already succeeded passing many mile-markers along the way, connect with me.

Invest in YOU, and your body will reward you in return.  Take full advantage of my FOOL-PROOF, ZERO-EXCUSE formula to success.







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