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Life Change and Weight Gain. Know WHY it happens and HOW to Avoid / Fix it.

15+ pounds extra and you are clueless to how it happened and when. It seems like you woke up one day fatter than you remember yourself.  Before you go crazy trying to figure out how? Let me ask you… did you have a recent major life change?

Common Life Change triggers

  • The College 15.
  • Post Military beer-belly.
  • Becoming a stay-at-home mom.
  • Heartbreak (divorce, death of a spouse)
  • Swapping your job to work-from-home.
  • Retirement.

These are a few of the life changes that creeping weight gain sneaks up on you without notice.  Months and extra pounds later, you realize your clothes no longer fit well, your health statistics are headed to the danger zone, and your personal confidence has slipped.

Not knowing to expect this sneaky, creeping weight gain means no one prepares to avoid it.  Hopefully, this show raises your awareness so this weight gain with life change does not have to be YOUR future.  IF THIS IS ALREADY YOUR REALITY, then I have a zero-excuse, affordable, effective weight management solution for you.

This content was covered on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio, in more detail that shared here.  Listen:


Compare Weight Management Systems

There are MANY weight management options around, that is absolutely TRUE!  However, they are not all created equally. Some shine in specific, and concentrated areas without offering a comprehensive approach.  The system I offer is comprehensive and works perfectly for those moments of life change, and as a complement or supplement to say hiring a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, or membership to a local gym.

The In His Image Fitness platform is compared here for you.  What is not mentioned, but absolutely included are: my program has an overlay of Christian teaching of Stewardship of the Body, and is geared to have you self-empowered, and minimally dependent on me to reach your desired success.

Feature In His Image Fitness Personal Trainer* Gym Membership Nutritionist* Youtube Video
Structured, goal designed fitness X X
Local Access only NO Yes Yes No No
Affordability X X X
Nutrition Planning & resources X X
Accountability & Support X X X
Online Resources & Access X X
ZERO Excuse Success Formula X X X
Workouts you will do/ enjoy X X X X
Track Your Results & Activity APP X
Video / Mobile streaming exercise option X X
Meal Replacement option & Supplements X X
Coaching X X X
* Unless dual qualified, one certification does not imply qualification in other disciplines.  Personal Trainers are NOT Nutritionists and Nutritionists’ are NOT Personal Trainers.

Free Club membership, life change,

take action, CTA,1.Connect with me for more information on my #StewardshipOfTheBody program

2. If you have an active fitness lifestyle and have told your transformation story a million times,  and want to convert your unofficial assistance to friends and family into a more official level of help, connect with me to show you how you too can easily do what I do.

3. If you are a wellness provider and curious about how this platform can supplement your service, I would be happy to share the business back-end on this that you may be able to incorporate seamlessly into your operation to offer a wider range of options to your clients and earn extra income.

4. If you are a Christian Ministry Leader wanting to include a health ministry in your program, connect with me for help to make this happen.

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