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You Hide Less Than You Think. Spot the Fake. Gut Punching Real Talk.

Hide and seek may be kid’s game, but we continue to play it into adulthood, just without the fun factor.  Often too late, employers, spouses, church congregations, and more realize that the one they trusted was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  The thing is, those being fooled realize it much sooner than the Faker realizes they have.  That is why they get caught.  The element of surprise is lost before they know it.

I lead a Stewardship of the Body (fitness & nutrition) group through an app that has an administrative stealth mode the participants were not aware of.  The participants check in as they wish, but everyone signed up with the declared intention to show up as agreed.  I used the behind the scenes reporting feature to find that three of the nine showed up as agreed.  One showed up 45% of the time, one never checked in, and the other four showed up less than 20% of the agreed schedule.

These are all adults.  The benefit and results of showing up is all theirs.  No one else benefits or is hurt if they do or do not show up, so for those who did not show up as agreed, at the personal level, no one is impacted at all.  Not even them.  They had zero impact on the system and from the system.  One month later, their status is as it always was at the start of the group.


When I saw that feedback, I realized another life-lesson.  So many of us hide the truth and think we are fooling others, but many are more observant than we know.  Think about these examples for a minute…

  • The office may know your boss to be a cool guy, but his secretary knows he is undermining them to the higher ups in closed-door meetings.  He may hide this to the staff but the secretary is not fooled.
  • Your friends think you are a fun and happy person.  Your spouse knows you are cranky, have a mean streak, and hate many of those you invite over for lunch.  You may hide your real feelings from outsiders, but your spouse is not fooled.
  • Your peers think you are rocking your business based on your social media posts. You are on the verge of your car being repossessed and you eat Ramen Noodles twice a day.  You hide behind your social media profile, but your family is not fooled.

hide, watched,


God is not fooled either.  Go ahead and keep that tithe in your wallet.  Go ahead and appear “Holier than thou,” to your associates.

Jeremiah 11:15

“What is my beloved doing in my temple
    as she, with many others, works out her evil schemes?
    Can consecrated meat avert your punishment?”

This obscure verse points out the obvious.  God sees everything and it not fooled by trivial, public rituals.  Today, the Temple is no longer a building but our body.  God sees when the diabetic ignores their diabetes and makes poor choices that impact their Temple.  God sees when the smoker who promises their family that they will quit, goes behind the building for another smoke.  God sees when we give our undistracted attention to money and all it buys instead of worshipping God.

By the way, if you start a business or tell your loved ones you will do a certain thing; and you get no support, it may just be a case of

  • “Heard that one before!” Or
  • ” Yeah! Sure!” Or,
  • “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Those closest to you who you hope will support you, know the REAL YOU! If you do change, it will take more than your claim of change to convince them.

My point is, when we are not people of integrity, it does show up – first to those who are closest to us but eventually to a wider audience.  The problem is, we are the last to know they know because the only one still buying your fake story is you.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!


Being disingenuous does not work!  The most amazing thing is, admitting your weaknesses and failings DO!  When we are honest it resonates as honesty and even those you have hurt the most will recognize the honesty when they see it.  Whether they accept you have changed and are ready to do better is another story -but they will be more willing to buy that possibility when you start being honest.

I have a HUGE pet peeve with this.  The first is a myth perpetrated in the business world.


This garbage training permeates many conference rooms, webinars, classrooms, family gatherings and more.  All HOGWASH!


Practice like it’s real – is different even if you think it does not.

The person who practices and practices and practices with the vision of winning;

  • will show up,
  • will work hard, and
  • will keep moving in the direction of their dream.


The Faker shows up just for the photo opportunities and hopes to create an impression that this is their daily reality.  Some may buy that Koolaid, but I promise you, just like the recession of 2006-2010, the bottom of the bucket will fall out and all will be in full embarrassing view of those you intended to fool.



take action, CTA,1.  BE REAL!  Be your authentic self.  Your weakness may actually be the launching pad for your greatest prosperity!  It has for me.

Showing that I overcome financial hardship using Biblical Strategies, to be where I am launched Debt-Free WEALTH Radio and my #ProfitableStewardship business.

Losing weight by applying Biblical strategies is why this website and my Stewardship of the Body business and ministry exists.

2.  Weakness is a great AUTHENTIC launching pad for your BIGGEST WIN!  Let me help you see that.  Connect with me for a FREE, zero obligation, zero wallet consultation session.  You will receive the gift of feeling heard, and you will walk away with insight and resources whether or not it is a mutual fit for us to continue working together.

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