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Obamacare, Your Health & the M.I.B. : Insurance Risk Assessment.

Have you ever heard of the M.I.B.?

No!  I do not mean the movie, Men in Black, with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

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What is the M.I.B. ?

The M.I.B., or the Medical Information Bureau is an organization that documents your health condition and medical intervention over time, for the purpose of using that information for insurance actuarial calculations of your participation risk

I recently had a medical checkup and not only was that information a great improvement over my prior health history, but the M.I.B. was promptly informed of this data as well.  Honestly, this alone is a top reason for me to attend to #StewardshipOfMyBody and to help you do the same.

Taking care of yourself has an incredible impact beyond your quality of life experience, life expectancy, self-image, and mood.  All these things are absolutely impacted by our health, but our health impacts our money quietly behind the scenes as well.

Some of you may know I am a licensed insurance agent.  On one client visit, I had to deliver the bad news to a parent of a 4-year-old that neither private health nor life insurance was available for the child at the time because of their pre-existing, documented health conditions.  That young child had racked up a long record of health issues and treatments in his four years that insurance companies considered him so high a risk, they refused to insure him.

This is one reason why Obamacare was well received by the desperately ill.  Prior to Obamacare, those who needed medical care the most, and burdened the health system – had zero access to health and life insurance.  The M.I.B. warned all potential insuring agencies to stay away from that person, and if they chose to insure them, to do so at the highest price point that potentially made it unlikely they would pay or continue coverage over time.  At some level, there is a need to address access to health treatment for those who need it the most.  The debate gets heated when the well is asked to pay for the unwell, especially those who take no effort to contribute to their healing.



Your Health Impacts Your Wealth

Taking care of you is a solid investment at so many levels.  Like any good investment, there is a positive rate of return, and one way of measuring that is in dollars.  Health is often taken for granted until it costs money to restore.  By the time health negatively impacts your finances due to income lost days to illness, injury, or early death, it may be too late for you or your loved ones to escape the tragedy that follows.

I have become the Speaker who finds a money trail in any topic, because a money trail EXISTS in every topic!

Just because you find me here at In His Image Fitness, does not mean this is all I do. However, I felt compelled to move into this space as an urgent response to what I do.  It is hard to help people become Profitable Stewards and not address the things God has put under our control, and help you evaluate how good a job you are at managing it.

I am a trained Paralegal, and my favorite work was in the field of Wills, Trusts, and Probate.  This course of study excited me because money moves mountains and according to the Bible:


I see legacies being created, managed to profit and distributed all the time.  This is a process I love participating in.  One major handicap, hurdle, and hiccup to a quality of life NOW, and the ability to generate wealth was a person’s health.

My own health was in jeopardy and being ignored.

My family history potentially encoded in my DNA includes diabetes, kidney stones, high blood pressure, prolapsed heart valves as the main concerns.  The fact that life can throw curve balls such as accidents and abuse my way only adds to the high chance of finding myself with issues that impact the quality and quantity of my life on earth.


Poor Health = Poor Money

I was personally challenged to move my stewardship conversation from just the realm of money to a more comprehensive stewardship approach, which included Stewardship of the Body from a Biblical perspective.  It is this challenge that brought In His Image Fitness to be. This focus of pouring loving self-care into myself has helped me potentially delay, dilute, and possibly even delete some of the health challenges life could throw my way.  I did not have to be a helpless victim of circumstance.  I did not have to simply wait for my family DNA to catch up to me then accept the end result like a victim with no resources.

That decisive action has turned my health around.  Other than anemia which I have well under control through nutrition, natural supplements and exercise, I have no negative health diagnosis and I hope to keep it that way.  This is even more important with each passing birthday, as the M.I.B. will report it all and my access and cost to insurance will be impacted.


Health truly impacts wealth.  You would be wise to consider that fact and take better care of you.  While you are at it, take care to get insurance while you can.  Waiting is not always a good financial decision, because later, getting access to insurance, and getting it affordable – may not be an option for you, thanks to the M.I.B.

Here are 4 Action Steps to Get you Going:

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1. Consider your health a top priority now!  Pour loving self-care into your daily routine.

2. Ditch faded, torn, poorly fitting clothing. They tend to negatively impact your confidence level and reception by others in the world around you.

3. Get accountability and resources for a ZERO EXCUSE inclusion of fitness and nutrition in your life.

4. Connect with me for a free consultation of how to add the Stewardship component to managing your health and financial affairs.

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