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Forget Weight Loss as a GOAL. Get Healthy & Losing Weight is a Cool PERK!

Goals keep us in focused activity and goals are good.  However, what we decide our goals should be, could be where our problems lie.  For example, if someone’s goal is to blow through a to-do checklist, then checking all tasks as done may be measured as success.  However, if that checklist is full of unimportant, not urgent tasks that do not bring them closer to things that do matter and make their lives better – then that in my estimation, is not the way to go.

The person that is likely to read this post, is likely to be someone who values results and is willing to set goals to accomplish them.  I applaud you.

Consequently, I wanted to help you look at how you have been setting goals up to this point.  If you are not getting the result you really want, but you have been taking action – for some, even massive action, then this is the post for you.

One common goal that many have that lead them down a road they had no intention of arriving at – is the goal of weight loss.


Nope!  I am not crazy, nor in a drug induced rant, hear me out.  Trust me, I am going somewhere with this.

First of all, I am speaking from personal experience.  Next, as a former Fitness Instructor Trainer, I speak from experience of observing numerous clients.

Set a Better Goal

When the goal is weight loss, there are many things a person will do to accomplish that goal. Many of those strategies are unhealthy.  Some of those strategies may even cost their lives and have.  If the goal is weight loss, then anorexics, bulimics, consuming appetite suppressants that trigger nutrition deficiencies, over exercising that increases physiological stress – are just some of the things people do.

Just like when the goal is making lots of quick money, some may choose a life of crime.

The goal will help steer the HOW so defining your goal is very important.  Vague goals are also ineffective to creating the desired end result.

So I thought it prudent to camp out on the idea of goal setting for a moment.

Years ago, I relocated to Tampa, FL.  I wanted to arrive at a location that had an address of Bullard Parkway.  There was no GPS back then.  Despite leaving extra early, I arrived very late. I called the location and when the first person answered and tried to give me directions, their help was no help at all.  In fact, they confused me more.  When I finally arrived I was frustrated to learn I had driven past the building 6 times.  Why?  Because no one realized, especially me, that they needed to mention that the road I was on changed name at an intersection. In other words, I was right at the desired destination and did not know it.

Goals are important, but just as the address I searched for was a very specific aspect of a general goal, this is the way you need to create your goals too.  It is not enough to say you want to lose weight because that goal could lead you to crazy instructions.  If you have better goals, you will get better results.


The Goal Creates the Path

So, back to the most common goal of losing weight.  May I suggest to you to abandon that goal right now.  I give you permission.  Instead, adopt a personal goal of improving your general health. If you have any chronic health concerns, then as a more specific goal, focus on reducing your symptoms and working on the cause of them.  As you address the cause, the symptoms should subside, which will reduce the distraction of that problem to where you can focus on the more general aspects of your health.

I can tell you without any question or concern for any authentic challenge – that if you focus on being the healthiest you, you will lose weight.  In this case, weight loss will be a natural perk of improved health, much to the extent that increasing obesity is a manifestation of reduced personal health.   Love yourself at any size, of course.  However, I hope you will love yourself enough to pour loving self-care into yourself.  When you love yourself enough to consume premium nutrition, move your body, care for your skin, hair, nails, and so on – address your chronic health issues from the cause out, there is no option for your body but to comply and respond with dropping unhealthy fat.

goal, healing, choices,

What kind of choices are YOU making?

Diabetes, for example – is a hormone issue with how your body produces or uses insulin.  If you simply say you want to lose weight, some of the traditional action that is common for weight loss strategies can mess with your insulin issues and compound your health problem. Not only will you not really lose permanent weight, but you may trigger spikes or drops in your insulin, trigger more fat to your liver, and a fatty liver triggers other worse health conditions and so on.


Focus on the cause of your insulin problem. Focus on the lifestyle and nutrition changes you can make that would improve your insulin issues and I can say without challenge, that if you work on improving your insulin issues, you will find that weight loss happens as a natural result.

Goal: Get Healthy = Result: Lose weight

Goal: Lose weight may equal a Result of compromised health.

Just as an athlete who has a broken leg needs to work on healing the leg before they can work on improving their athletic performance. your unhealthy body is like the broken leg.  You need to work to heal the brokenness first.  Then in more premium health, you can tweak your strategy for improved weight loss.  If you approach weight loss with a goal of improved health, then that health will manifest in your body as weight loss.  Many who take diabetic meds, for example, find they lose weight as a by-product.  Some who take certain meds find that they gain weight too.  Medication can fix one thing and cause new health problems and stress to the body.  Stress triggers cortisol which triggers weight gain.

Get healthy my friends.  It is the better goal.  It is the premium goal.  It is the goal that will bring you the desired end result you truly want and more.  Let us not forget the extra bonus of what improved health and vitality will bring to you as well.

Here at In HIs Image Fitness, this is our approach.  Because we value our body as the Temple of the Holy Spirit, the tent for our own life force – it is simply a good housekeeping strategy to keep our Temple in top health.

take action, CTA,If you are ready to pour loving self-care into yourself and want to be part of a community with the same drive, encouragement, support and accountability to that goal, then this is the place for you.


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