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Fitness Results: Desired v. Deserved. Brrrrr… It’s COLD! Zero Excuse Challenge.

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to make 2017 your year of AWESOMENESS!

BRRRrrrrrr! It is COLD outside! Why leave home to get your fitness in? Join me for a workout-at-home option with Coaching and accountability! Tons of savings if you were considering the Gym + Trainer; with loads of other benefits built in.

2017 BEST YEAR YET Challenge Group
Results driven solution ZERO EXCUSE formula. The RESULTS BASED 26-day workout from home with Coaching and accountability, cheaper than a Personal Trainer option for the BUSY adult. Our PRIVATE Mobile App and Community keeps you honest.  It documents without cheating when you showed up for you, and it keeps track of your activity.  NOTE:  Even if you miss the currently running group, I am always starting new ones.

Be sure to check your email for YOUR INVITE to download the mobile App.  Be aware, the app has LIMITED FUNCTION until the Challenge group launch date, but you should download it and set up your profile.  The App will also stop working at the end of the Challenge group.  However, no need to delete it if you are likely to join another one of our Challenges later.

Previous Challenge Group RESULTS!

We have a Fitness Series that matches your preference – I guarantee it!

Our $4000 video library with complete workouts, sampling one piece of a Challenge Pack series is available for everyone FREE for 30 days and super affordable for year-round access.

Feel free to browse the library or, consult with me to help find YOUR workout package.

  • Like to dance?   We have that.
  • Want to body build?  We have that.
  • Want Mixed Martial Arts? We have that.
  • Want Yoga? Pilates? We have that.
  • Want a Military Style Boot Camp? We have that.

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By the way, I will be doing this right along with you! I am a ‘work-in-progress’ and still quite a bit away from my personal fitness goal.


PURCHASE any challenge pack and get Coached by Me, and/or another Coach on my team (INCLUDED!!!)  Already own one of our workouts and want to join the Challenge Group?  SWEET!  That is totally an option too.

It is said that NUTRITION is a huge % of your health result and we agree.  Unlike other NUTRITION ONLY programs, we couple gym quality workouts-at-home with lots nutrition resources for you.

We have detox programs, and our extensive supplements meet your body’s nutrient needs you may have missed via meals. In a rush? On the go? Too busy to prep a healthy meal? Want a convenient breakfast or lunch alternative?  We have a variety of flavors in our AWESOME FAST FOOD SUBSTITUTE MEAL REPLACEMENTS, priced per serving to be less or about the price of  your average McDonald lunch.  We are not a grocery store though, so plan to eat as close to God created food as possible (clean eating).  Processed foods, including ours is not intended to replace all your nutrition.

BONUS: Clean Eating Resource (FREE Download) Emailed to each Challenge group participant. 

Sign up to get YOUR LINK into the Challenge Group HERE  



take action, CTA,Feel more confidence. Have the energy. Pour self-love into you. Sharpen your mental focus. Tighten up the flab. Improve your health stats. YOU DESERVE THIS! Contact me directly for more info, or complete this form and we will get it to your inbox promptly!

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