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FIT to Serve. Fit FOR Service. Get FIT!

Fit to serve and fit for service are hallmarks of the US Military.  Interest in serving does not qualify a person to serve.  There is much more to it than that.

Want to serve?  So what!  Are you Fit to serve?

Raising your hand in interest puts you on the line for scrutiny.  This person is being reviewed to be filtered out as much as they are hoping to include them in the cut.

The military recruiting team is reviewing for fitness to serve. If you make that initial cut, then the new recruit is prepped and made fit for service. Having been deemed fit to serve, then made fit for service, later there are additional accountability checks for continued service fitness. When the system works, as it does most of the time, our Military truly ranks tops in the world.  On the condition someone is injured or no longer fit for service, they are excused honorably or dishonorably as appropriate.

The young lady featured in these pictures is someone I know personally.  She is, in my estimation, a Feme Extraordinaire’.  She’s trained to lead and takes her fitness prowess seriously, even off the Military base.

fit, fit to serve,

fit, fit to serve,

Service and fitness go hand in hand.

Sorting, Selecting, Training the Fit

I believe that we should take a page from the Military process, and select and prepare leaders before throwing them on the front lines of service.  I certainly filter for those I add to my team.  I do not take just anyone who I can convince to join me.

The Bible offers guidelines for leadership too.  As far as I am concerned, the Bible is a PRACTICAL. RELEVANTguide to success.  I talk about many of these in my book, The Bible on Business.

If you know anything about the Ministry of Jesus while he was on earth, a good portion of his miracles was healing.

Many of those Jesus healed were beggars.  They were beggars because their health aborted their ability to earn, and impacted their family’s ability to care adequately for all their health needs. Today, this continues to be an issue.

Fitness Levels Impacts Service Ability

As I write this, my almost 7-year-old is in the hospital following a horrid Asthma experience. He cannot attend school, play on his PS4, hang with his friends because 100% of his day is now on recuperation, and 40% of my day too.  Thankfully, I can switch off with Dad as we take turns overseeing his recovery.


This is why I bring the conversation of #StewardshipOfTheBody up often. In fact, I have even found a way to monetize this conversation at the leadership level.


Where ever we go, there we are!  No matter what you do, where you go, who you serve, your body is the vehicle for moving you.  Some can’t move because their body will not permit it at the moment.  No matter your intention, your bright active mind, your desire – if your body is not in a state to move, you cannot do the things you plan.

“You must be fit to serve!”  Those Executives in their lofty, comfortable offices, and bank accounts filled with more cash than they can spend in a lifetime, still need to be fit to serve. The poorest man in the poorest country who needs to scour his environment for his next meal needs to be fit to serve.


So let me ask you, are you fit to serve EFFECTIVELY?  Is your service impacted by your health?  Too lethargic to do more, or work faster?  Too sick to show up?  Has your health become a current distraction to your work, rather than you being able to focus on the task at hand?

Being fit, and staying fit allows your body to be a background support rather than a foreground focus.

This is why so many moms tend to get fat.  They move their body to the background of their mind, of their day, of their to-do list.  This is actually the IDEAL but can become a problem IF your baseline personal care is not maintaining and supporting your health and wellness.  When this care is abandoned, you are forced to make your wellness the foreground focus of your life and this can be a huge problem for many.  It certainly is for me.

To take my mind off of income producing activity to focus on the care of my body MAY SEEM to be a waste of time, but to allot 30 minutes daily to loving self-care proves to be the formula for not having to stop everything else and make my health the full focus of my attention.


Become Fit To Serve

We ALL need to pour loving self-care into our Temple (our body) so that we are fit to serve, and remain fit for service.

take action, CTA,


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