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Fast Food Nutrition. 3 Healthy, On-The-Go Alternatives to Consider.

Fast Food is here to stay because our fast lifestyles call for fast convenience.  The higher cost of fast food seems inconsequential to the time it saves us, and time IS money!  Shopping, prepping, and cooking time to save a few dollars, versus spending for fast food and getting that time back for other experiences is worth every dollar spent to get that time back.

However, there is one huge elephant in the room that fast food access has allowed us to conveniently ignore.  Nutrition! 

The fast food industry is notorious for serving up cheap ingredients so as to maximize their profit margin.  We are so focused on getting where are going that few of us have bothered to notice or to care that the nutrition of our option at the drive-thru has deteriorated over time. 


With a Big Mac sandwich coming in at 540 calories (29 g fat) + Medium Fries at 380 calories (19g fat) + a Large Sweet Tea at 280 calories (0g fat), our convenient meal on the go has now added a whopping 1200 calories to our daily intake.  The average healthy adult needs 1500-2000 calories to maintain their current weight, so to consume 1200 calories in a single meal is to ensure you are on your way to a load of unwanted extra weight and body fat that most of us regret later.

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Keep in mind, this signature McDonald’s meal is still on the lower caloric scale of some of the other Fast Food signature options, such as Burger King.

A Burger King’s signature Whopper sandwich comes in at 670 calories (40g fat), so by the time we add in the other components of the meal deal, we are well beyond 1200 calories.


Those of us who have decided to care about our health and how it manifests on our body (body fat, physical appearance), will want to take fast food nutrition into consideration.

It truly is impractical to think we can avoid the need for this convenience altogether. Rather, we need to consciously prepare for these moments and have an arsenal of options we can readily grab.

  1. 1. Existing Fast Food menu pre-selection
  2. 2. Prep Your own, then container it for grab & go
  3. 3. Shakeo on the go
  4. Other grab & go options from my online store (Coming Soon!)


Existing Fas Food Menu Pre-Selection:  One strategy that makes perfect sense is, review your neighborhood’s fast food options on your regular commute.  Then, go online and research their menu.  Select those items that have the lower calorie/fat count, or the more nutrition ingredients and keep that list handy.

Prepare your own food in advance, and container it for grab and go convenience.  Our container system makes this process super easy and removes the annoying calorie counting requirement for those who are managing and tracking their intake.

Beachbody Food Containers

Shakeo on the Go!  This is my personal favorite.

Shakeology comes in a variety of flavors including Vegan options.  It is also not just for making shakes as the culinary geniuses have created many recipes for other fast-grab snacks that include shakeology as a key ingredient.

Shakeology is in my estimation, the ‘Maserati’ of the Shake options on the market.  There are cheaper shake options, but for the same reason someone would prefer a Louis Vuitton purse over a Walmart option, is the same reason I prefer this premium convenience food. Tony Horton, creator of P90X agrees with me.

To learn about the ingredients in Shakeology, watch this video:


So Shakeology is not your cheap nutrition option and this is not just MY opinion.  Here is a third party review of top shakes on the market.  Shakeology is in their #2 position, by their own words, because of price.  So their #1 option is not better nutrition, but an overall choice based on their criteria of which price was a huge scoring factor.


take action, CTA,Anyone who buys their first Shakelogy pack from me gets a FREE shaker cup mailed to them as a thank you.  This gift is also included for those who purchase their initial Challenge Pack from me, so as to participate in an upcoming Challenge group where you have a community on the same journey, plus encouragement, accountability, support and celebration of your accomplishments on your health journey.

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Shakeo on the go


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